The Indigenous Studies Working Group extends its thanks to the following students, faculty members, and University organizations for contributing materials, volunteering their time, and lending their support to the creation of our website.

The Department of Anthropology;

University Web Services;

And the members of our Anth 387 “Indigenous Peoples, Conflict and Resilience” course, for contributing images, news articles, web sources, and film recommendations:

Arianna D. Calabrese,

Paola D. Capo,

Mary R. (Molly) Cielinski,

Josue F. Coronado,

Kathleen M. Coughlin,

Claire B. Crawford,

Kunyu Fang,

Jesse N. Gibson,

Eliana Lanfranco,

Kelsey S. Lawson,

Claire M. Leduc,

Gregory A. Martinez,

Teresa R. Montanero,

Jasmin Nava,

Annabelle Ng,

Veronica Quinonez,

and Monica Valle.

Images on this website are accompanied by source credits. The leaping moose figure in the Indigenous Studies Working Group logo is sourced from A. I Martynov, The Ancient Art of Northern Asia, translated by Demitri and Edith Shimkin (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1991).

If you have questions or concerns about the origins and proper use of any of the images or symbols used on this website, please contact us.