Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer

Anthropology, Berkley Center
Siberia and Native North America

Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano

Center for Latin American Studies
Women and gender studies, Indigenous Quechua women, environmental health

Mathew Carnes

Jesuit studies and labor; Director, Center for Latin American Studies

Reid Chambers

GU Law
Teaches seminar in Federal Indian Law; Partner, Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry LLP

Jeffrey Collmann

Center for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Studies, School of Medicine
Australian aborigines

Kerry Danner-McDonald

Dept. of Theology
Christian ethics

Kevin FitzGerald

Center for Clinical Bioethics, Dept. of Oncology
Medical genomics and ethics

Lisbeth Fuisz

Dept. of English
Human/natural world relationships, Native American writers

Desha Girod

Dept. of Government
Comparative, with focus on Americas, including historical data

Anita Gonzalez

Racial Justice Institute, GU

Performing arts and indigeneity

Gillette Hall

SFS, Global Human Development Program
Indigenous Peoples, Poverty and Development

Kevin Healy

Latin American Studies, SFS
Development and community building, former Peace Corps, Inter-American Foundation

Nathan Hensley

Dept. of English
Environmental Humanities; Co-Director, “Approaching the Anthropocene: Global Culture and Planetary Change” (2016-2018 Mellon-Sawyer Seminar)

Zach Hettinger

MD, School of Medicine
MedStar Institute for Innovation, Santee/Yankton Sioux, Rosebud Reservation, Northwest Coast art

Bette Jacobs

Dept of Health Systems Administration (former Dean); O’Neill Institute of Law
Native America, genetics and health research

Shana Klein

Dept. of Art and Art History
Native-American art, visual culture theory

Erick Langer, emeritus

SFS, History, Latin American Studies
Andean, Guarani, Toba (Qom) languages; teaches “Resistance and Rebellion in the Andes,” “Indians and Spaniards in the Conquest”

Emily Mendenhall

Global health, medical anthropology, global mental health, syndemics, diabetes

Gwen Mikell, emeritus

Dept. of Anthropology
Africa, including indigenous politics, nation building, gender

Jim Millward

Dept. of History
Central Asia, silk road, Uighurs

Sherally Munshi

GU Law Center

Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner

Dept. of Philosophy

Jason Sanderson

Office of Global Education
European minorities, migration issues, international programs assessment

Joanne Rappaport, emeritus

Latin American Studies, Dept. of Anthropology
Indigenous and colonial histories

Elcior Santana

Center for Latin American Studies

Milena Santoro

Dept. of French
Indigeneity in the Americas, Film Studies; teaches all-indigenous film course for Film and Media Studies, FMST 100

Henry Schwarz, emeritus

Dept. of English
Post-colonial India, ‘tribal’peoples

Erika Seamon

American Studies
Native North America, colonial history and texts; Director, American Studies program

Maura Seale

Research and Instruction Librarian
Library liaison to American Studies and African American Studies programs

Lisa Strong

Dept. of Art and Art History, American Studies
Art and museum studies

Alan Tidwell

Director, Center for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Studies
Legal issues, indigenous land and conflict project

John Tutino

Dept. of History
Native Americas project, Mexico (organized symposium “Becoming Indigenous, Asserting Indigeneity” 2013)

Jason G. Umans

Department of Medicine
Assessing mechanisms of Health Disparities impacting, and seeking health equity for, American Indian and Alaska Native peoples

Ernesto Vasquez del Aguila

Latin American Studies, Dept. of Anthropology

Myriam Vuckovic

Department of International Health
Native education history

Andria K. Wisler

Executive Director, Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service Associate Teaching Professor, Justice & Peace Studies

Graduate Students

Daniel Cano

PhD student, Dept. of History
Mapuche and Guarani history

Claire B. Crawford

MA Program in Conflict Resolution, Dept. of Government
American Indian Movement (AIM)
“Paralleled Movements: Black Power and AIM’s Renewal of Cultural Identities”

Kunyu Fang

MA Program in Conflict Resolution, Dept. of Government
“Comparison of Tibetan and Uighur Relations with/in China”

Chelsea Hudson

PhD Student, Dept. of History
Ainu and North Asia-Pacific history

Anne Musica

MA Student, Language and Communication
Language Policy and Planning, Native North America

Jenadee Nanini

Student, GU Law
Standing Rock panel organizer

Michelle Pea

MA Program in Conflict Resolution, Dept. of Government
Russia, First Nations

Veronica Quinonez

M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution, Dept. of Government
Gender, crime, First Nations
“Law Enforcement in Relation to US Indigenous People: Arrests, Convictions, Barriers to Reporting Crimes”

Andrew Szarejko

PhD Student, Dept. of Government
Political science, international relations, American foreign policy, and American political development


Arianna D. Calabrese

“Commodifying Culture and the National Museum of American Indian”

Paola D. Capo

“Integrating Indigenous Peoples into Sustainable Development”

Mary R. Cielinski

“Native American Head Start: Early Education Programs”

Josue F. Coronado

“Native American Identity Exploration, Community Building, and Advocacy at Elite Institutions and Tribal Colleges”

Kathleen M. Coughlin

“Indigenous Language Education and Revival Efforts”

Whitney Dockrey

Health Care Management and Policy; outgoing President, Native American Student Council

Alex Feltes

The Native American land trust relationship with the United States government, land issues of Native Americans and First Nations peoples in the U.S. and Canada, poverty on U.S. Indian reservations

Jesse N. Gibson

“Pipeline Parallels: Exploration of Indigenous Resources by MNCs throughout the Hemisphere”; Native American Student Council, member

Marissa Ilnitzki

Vice President, Native American Student Council

Eliana Lanfranco

“Medicine and Indigeneity in North America: Alaskan Natives and Navaho”

Kelsey S. Lawson

“Mental Health and Alaska Native Youth”

Claire M. Leduc

“Comparison of Resettlement Policies for Indigenous People who Suffered from Climate Change Catastrophes”

Gregory A. Martinez

“Indigenous Geopolitics of the Amazon”

Teresa R. Montanero

“Efforts and Shortcomings of the Ecuadorean government in Preserving Indigenous Language and Culture”

Jasmin Nava

“The Complex Relationship between Religion and Native Spirituality among Two Indigenous Groups in México”

Annabelle Ng

“Analyzing Indigenous Health Systems and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic”

Alexandra Plutnicki

Student, McDonough Business School
Leader, Alternative Spring Break program

Monica Valle

“Structural Violence and the Indigenous Peoples of México”

Gabrielle Walker

President, Native American Student Council, 2016-2017

Rebecca Yates

Anthropology major; Native American Student Council, member

Friends of the Working Group

Randall Amster

Director, Program on Justice and Peace

Mikaela Bledsoe Downes

President, Native American Student Council, 2015-2016

Nicole Heydt

Program director, Health Law Initiative
Arimae community, Panama; Ifugao, Philippines

Mabel Denzin Gergan

Mellon-Sawyer Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities

Alexander O’Neil

Anthropology and biology major, Nepal studies

Russell Imrie

Activist, Kahnawake Mohawk

Amanda Phillips

English, editing wikipedia for indigeneity themes

Tom Rogers

Activist, Blackfeet Nation
Carlyle Consulting, GU Standing Rock panel

Caitlin Snell

ESJ Research Fellow

Mark Sicoli

Dept. of Anthropology, University of Virginia
Linguistics, Native Languages, Mexico, disappearing languages

Vera Solovyeva

Fellow, American Museum of Natural History
Sakha Republic (Russia) ecology, indigenous rights; Founder, Sakha Open World

Michelle Stearn

Fulbright scholar; Mapuche ecology studies

Buck Woodard

Anthropology, American University

Kenneth J. Yin


Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies, Engaging Eurasia Teacher Fellow at Harvard; Dungan literature, Tungus literatures of Siberia