DC Area Resources

Georgetown University students and faculty are fortunate to have access to Washington DC resources.  Some inspirations for participatory and archival learning include:


Library of Congress: Jesuit archives

National Archives: Native American Heritage

National Museum of the American Indian: Archive Center

Basic Data and Legal Reference Resource

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples

Global Development programs

Inter-American Foundation

Inter-American Development Bank

World Bank

Includes the Indigenous Peoples Leadership Capacity Building Program For The Andean Countries.


The cultural attaché offices of embassies of countries with indigenous peoples can be useful for official policies, laws, and updates on development practices.

Government offices and sites

Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior 

Agency for all policy related to Indians; includes approval process for enrolling new tribes.  Currently 566 are enrolled.  Unlike previous periods in U.S. history, bureau personnel are now over 80% Native.

U.S. Census Bureau

Contains Census definitions and debates. See also statistics from the Department of Commerce.

Department of Education National Advisory Council on Indian Education 

Department of Justice Task Force on Children

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)

Updated program, legal monitoring, including issues of museum and art auction politics.

National Park Service Internship Program

Sacred sites issues, including Monument Valley and Wyoming Medicine Wheel (Bighorn National Park) status updates.


National Indian Health Board

National Institute of Health (NIH)

Includes Complementary and Integrative Medicine program. Controversial, with potential for better indigenous studies projects.


Smithsonian Institution

National Museum of the American Indian

Natural History Museum, Arctic Studies Center

Regional Tribal Histories and Ceremonies


Note recent recognition by the State of Virginia; museum in King William, VA.

Piscataway (Powhatan, Nanticoke)

Piscataway Park ceremonial ground, Accokeek, MD

Representational offices

Alaska State Office

National Congress of American Indians

National Indian Educational Association

National Indian Health Board

Mayan International League

The People’s Paths

Religion-linked programs

American Friends Service Committee

Catholic Relief Services

Ecology activism

Alaska Wilderness League

Center for Biological Diversity

Cultural Survival

Honor the Earth


Wilderness Society


Change the Mascot

An initiative led by the Oneida Indian Nation to change the mascot and name of the NFL team of Washington, DC. Combats racism in the NFL and draws attention to similar uses of racist and derogatory imagery in organized sports across the United States.

Youth and Education

Center for Native American Youth, Aspen Institute

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Provides internship programs and virtual mentorships.

Distance learning programs

NERDS (Native Education Raising Dedicated Students)

A student-founded nonprofit with an active program against indigenous stereotyping. Affiliated with the Aspen Institute.

Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children